“Save the city in thirty minutes” – a strategic game with combined formats (tablet and phones) that floods ecological and urban issues interactively. The players are asked to bring balance back to the world through environmental decisions. They get a ruined city and have to save it while cooperating.


Areas Of Responsibility

Each player initially chooses one area of responsibility: vegetation, transportation, settlement and factories. According to his responsibility he would receive cards that can have a good or bad effect on the balance of the city.

Real World Issues

Each city is examined in 4 indices: infrastructure, social services, environment and economy (the indices were taken from reports of the UN). In order to balance the city, all the indices must be at least 50%.


Combined Formats

The tablet is the center of the experience, where, among other things, the city’s indices and the arrangements of the players will appear. The phone will be the toolbox of each player and through it he will perform his role.


"Zero-Sum Game"

Any decision that players make will inevitably improve one index and hurt another index. For example, if one index is above 100% then it will inevitably come at the expense of another index that will be low. 


Citopia is a co-op game, for 2-4 players aged 25-35 (the secondary target audience is 15+) sitting together around the game.


Alchemy Inspiration

The design language is inspired by the symbolism of alchemy, which strengthens the connection to the natural elements, which need to be balanced in order to exist.


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