What if there was a running app tailored to your running pace?

With Yeehaw the bits will be adjusted to your current running pace!

Yeehaw is built around models of running apps but its emphasis is on each user’s personal connection and suitability. The app will accompany the user from walking to accelerated running and everything in between, while adjusting bits to his pace. Objective: To produce a topical sound for the same rhythm and to produce a maximum connection. The app draws inspiration from the world of cowboys in combination with the electronic music worlds and weaves between them.


When I fell from an untrained horse, I suddenly lost control. In analyzing the incident I understand that the source of the problem was the damage to my inner rhythm so that it is naturally gradual and adapted to the movements.


My rhythm is an extension of my emotion


Leading values

Rhythm + Premium + Personal


Target Audience

People who work in office jobs in which only one side of them is expressed. For those seeking refuge in sports. For electronic music lovers who are tired of the regular playlist. Ages 25-45.


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